ACTE's Governing Board

Every year, ACTE elects its Governing Board which is mainly comprised of university students who wish to know what it feels like to run things.


Elections are held in November and all students are welcome to present their candidacy, even if not partaking in one of our projects.


The 2015-2016 Board is as follows:

President: Mélody BOUDRINGHIN

Vice-President: Lauréline MORINIERE
Treasurer: Mehdi KHOCHA
Secretary-General: Anna-Karina CAUDEVILLA
Vice Secretary-General: Pauline GARCIA

ACTE Workshops

ACTE German

 Günter KRAUSE

Günter Krause, a.k.a. “Il Capo di ACTE”, is the brain behind the machine. Ever since 1992, he has been running the ACTE show while simultaneously teaching German (theater, literature and philosophy) at the University of Nantes, doing research, publishing, giving conferences, acting as Vice-Dean at the Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures, serving as a Chairman for the National Council of Universities, heading a variety of regional projects such as “artistic creation and crisis”, and much, much more. Oh, and during his free time he directs plays (past plays having been performed in Germany, Austria, France and Romania).


This is a guy passionate about theater. Not only has he spent the past several years of his life doing research on the subject for his PhD, he has been directing contemporary plays for the German ACTE workshop since 2005. I’m sure you are wondering what contemporary authors Karsten investigates with his students. Guys and gals like Werner Schwab, Rebekka Kricheldorf, Kathrin Röggla, Martin Heckmanns and Falk Richter. When you work with Karsten you explore German universes that, for the most part, have never been seen before in France. And you get to travel to cities like Rostock, Düsseldorf and Graz in order to perform them!

ACTE English


Born in a far away, strange universe called the United States, Anna-Karina grew up performing primarily in musicals (YES, musicals!). She was that bizarre child that couldn’t stop singing, dancing and acting out characters for all the world to see, on and off-stage. While living in Spain, Anna-Karina performed cabaret and story-telling theater for children. Since her move to France, she has been trying her hand as Stage Director with ACTE and absolutely loves bringing out the anglophone actor/actress in her students!

ACTE Spanish

Master Class - Music and Sound



Will is a rockin' musician from Australia, or more specifically, a mad genius drummer with a flair for the mega experimental. He joined ACTE in 2009 as the association's English Theater Majordomo and now gives a Master Class on music and sound for theater. If you have always wanted to try your hand at the "universal language", come join Will on an auditive adventure!


Don't forget to check out Will's website at: