Theater Workshops in Foreign Languages

Every academic year, ACTE offers theater workshops at the University of Nantes to both enrolled students and adults interested in learning language through theater. There is no minimum language requirement, nor theatrical practice, in order to participate. All we ask is for our students to be motivated, as well as dedicated to the discipline of producing a play for our annual festival.


Workshops are given in German and English. Rehearsals begin in October/November, and our festival takes place in March/April, depending on the academic year.


Master Classes

Every year, a new programme of Master Classes is offered in order to provide a concentrated taste of theater to those who do not have the time to participate in our weekly workshops. However, do not be fooled by the brevity of these classes. Work produced within these classes are programmed into our annual festival!


For those hispanophone lovers, ACTE offers a Master Class in Spanish which is part of our annual programme.


The schedule of our Master Classes varies from year to year (but normally take place in the second university semester), so if you would like to know more, contact us!


Thespian Excursions

Not only do we do theater, but we also go to the theater!


Thanks to our wonderful partners, ACTE benefits from reduced prices on a variety of plays throughout the year. Plays and prices are announced each year at the start of the workshops.


That's not all...have you ever been behind the scenes of a professional theater? Do you know how all those backstage pulleys work, where the sound guy is hiding, how the light technician keeps all the different cues straight? No? Well we organize a visit, every year, to Le Grand T in order to learn just that, and more.


What about meeting with, and learning from, Stage Directors, Script Writers and all those artsy types who are passionate about the stage? Yep. We organize that too.