The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (FLCE)

The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Cultures (FLCE) welcomes an average of 3,000 students per year. The rich and diverse student body is comprised of 2 tracks (LLCER/LEA) and 7 departments (English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Slavic and Asian languages - Russian, Chinese and Japanese).


The FLCE was founded so as to create a space for international exchanges that is nourished by a cultural effervescence (festivals dedicated to music, theatre, video, cinema and exhibitions).

  The TNT - A Stage for Discovery

The TNT – Terrain Neutre Théâtre - was born 15 years ago in 1998. Designed and created by actors, the TNT was conceived as a space for creating and facilitating encounters amongst artists. In 2006 the theater was taken over by the non-profit “Désir des Arts” with Philippe Guiheneuf as the Director. From this moment forward, the TNT has been developing into a more structured and professional stage.

The TNT is a space for hatching ideas, whereby artists’ projects are encouraged and accompanied through to
implementation. It’s mission is to provide a more intimate encounter between the spectators and artists.

The TNT is a pluri-disciplinary stage dedicated to the emerging arts and houses over 500 performing arts pieces per year and over 22,000 spectators. Via numerous channels: plays, theater workshops, artist residencies and cultural activities, the TNT aims at facilitating artistic expression as well as access to the performing arts.


The TU Nantes

The University of Nantes’ theater (the TU) is a hub for artistic creation, expression and critique. Located in the heart of the university campus, the TU proposes a demanding program every year. Directed by Bertrand Salanon since 2009, the TU-Nantes has established itself as a platform for contemporary research and art via a unique project that brings the City and the University closer. An essential part of student life at the University of Nantes ever since its inception in 1994, more than half of its public is comprised of students under 26 years of age. It is for this public that the majority of the TU’s art and cultural activities are construed.

The TU-Nantes focuses production and residency support on emerging artists and places their work alongside those of established ones, thus creating a dialogue between several generations of artists. To think about the future is to encourage, renew and accompany the youth and the curious throughout their visits to artistic productions in order to guarantee the social and generational diversity of spectators. To think about the future is to take action for the development of critical thinking that can be passed on via the knowledge and practices generated in the artistic field.

The Grand T - Nantes’ National Theater

The Grand T is Nantes’ National Theater, commissioned by the Council General of the Loire-Atlantique region. In 2014, it was transformed into a Public Institution for Cultural Cooperation. Since its inception, the Grant T has been committed to nourishing, strong ties with spectators throughout the Department as a people’s theatre. Since 2011, Catherine Blondeau, the Grand T’s Director, has been developing a “leading world theater” and as such collaborates closely with four associated artists in order to achieve this goal: the storyteller - Wajdi Mouawad, the poet of space - Aurélien Bory, the street theater company - Opéra Pagaïe, and the lover of texts - Patrick Pineau. Along with the other creators coming from the four corners of the world, these artists make up the diverse and cosmopolitan family of the Grand T.

Each season the Grand T boasts over 250 performances and 60 shows. The theater is dedicated to offering a space whereby both artists and spectators can exchange and share their experiences. Thus, particular focus is placed on cultural mediation, especially via the training of young viewers. The Grand T has developed professional artistic and cultural training programs from the school level to the university level in close partnership with various institutional partners.

The THéâTRe aMOk

The THéâTRe aMOk is a Nantes theater company founded in 2002 by Ronan Cheviller and Jean-Marie Lorvellec dedicated to the creation of plays, the discovery of drama and the organization of events. A space for open reflection and critique structured around federating projects.

Since 2009, the company has been collaborating with the University of Nantes on their research project “Dynamics of Citizenship in Europe”, under the axe “religion and secularism” - one of the many research axes supported by the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (House of Human Sciences) in Nantes.

The THéâTRe aMOk offers theater labs open to anybody who is curious to discover “the myths that inhabit us”. The company’s performances are theatrical forms that combine philosophy and intimate perceptions and are presented via conferences, the radio and on stage. The actors that make up the company work with adults, students and children who, through these workshops, learn that theater is an incredible way to find one’s self-confidence, to appreciate one’s personal expression and to better understand the world.

In 2012, the THéâTRe aMOk celebrated its 10th anniversary of adventures and numerous surprising research, writing and performance projects!

La Maison des Etats Unis

La Maison des Etats Unis” is the brand new name of the sister city association, “Nantes-Seattle-Jacksonville”.

The association offers you the opportunity to discover Nantes and France: its history, its culture, its manners, and its customs, with our wide variety of events. "La Maison des Etats Unis" provides you the opportunity to get closer to our country. The association coordinates and facilitates exchanges with its American partners in the cultural, economic, and sports sectors.